Richboro, PA

Below is a short video highlighting the current real estate conditions and activity in Richboro, PA.

Welcome to July’s market update. Let’s take a look at residential real estate activity in Richboro during the month of June.

The number of active listings was down 13% from one year earlier and up 17% from the previous month. This recent increase reflected a larger selection of homes for buyers to choose from. As you can see the median listing price for the month was just over $600,000. Compared to last year the average number of days that units spent on the market before being sold was down 10%. This lower number of days may signal a positive trend in the local inventory turnover rate. The median sale price was $550,000. The number of units sold decreased 23% year-over-year and increased 400% month-over-month. Despite a slight annual decrease, this upward monthly sales trend indicates positive momentum.

We hope you use this information to make smart, informed decisions in your upcoming real estate transaction. Feel free to contact me for more information or further assistance.