Why Overpricing Your House is a BAD Strategy

Episode 4 #ListWithLauren

If you want to command top dollar and get your house sold quickly, you need to not only hire the right Realtor, but you need to price your house correctly from the start. 

A lot of sellers are misled into thinking they should overprice their house. They think this will entice buyers to come in, make a low offer and then they can negotiate down to the amount for which they want to sell their house. That is a terrible strategy!

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360° Virtual Tour – 15 Neptune Ln, Levittown, PA 19054

Let’s take a Look Inside 15 Neptune Lane in Levittown, PA! This 360 degree, interactive virtual tour will allow you to walk around this house from the convenience of your computer or smart phone.

Virtual tours are a great way to get a more intimate feel for the flow of the house. Click and drag (if you’re on a mobile device, touch & drag) to look around. Click the hotspots to walk to another location.

Learn more about my exclusive 360 Degree Virtual Tours and the other services I offer to ensure my clients’ homes stand out from the competition!

360° virtual tour courtesy of LookInside.house.

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