2 Ways Sellers can Beat the Spring Market



People tend to think that the spring market is the best time of year to list a home. Don’t get me wrong, the spring is an excellent time of year to list. However, sellers should not overlook the benefits of listing their house for sale in the winter. The winter is a wonderful time to list your house for two reasons:

1. Less Competition

If most sellers wait for the spring to list their homes, then buyers have a wider selection of homes from which to choose. If you list in the winter you have a lot less competition. If you are the only home listed in a desirable community, you may have all of the pre-approved buyers lining up at your doorstep and potentially have a bidding war.

2. Serious Buyers

It’s cold outside, so only serious buyers who need to buy a home are going to be house hunting this time of year. You will limit the number of nosy people trekking through your house who aren’t actually ready to buy.

My advice is that you list early and beat the spring market!

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